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Re: 74 A13 engine piston question ?

Subject: Re: 74 A13 engine piston question ?
by junior on 2015/6/22 13:33:03

Yes Tom, It's a 300 degrees of duration. I will be using a 5 speed celica transmission with a toyota LSD 430 rear end, disc brakes. I also have 2 45's webers on a cannon intake, and a head built for racing.It's a nice set up. I won't be racing my car. I only use my car for car shows due that my tags are antique. I just like the sound of it. This entire set up was on a suzuki samurai that was built for mud racing. I just purchased it when the jeep was wrecked.I'm just doing a rebuild on it and detailing it. My car right now is all original with 68k miles on it and still with the 1971 spark plug wires on it. I'm just bored driving a stock Datsun... I also have a fuel injection intake with a throttle body that was also part of the deal made for the same engine. But I do understand what you are saying. But no worries here, car is just for car shows and no racing. Maybe one day I will decide to drop a SR20DET in it and tub the car.
Thanks Tom for the info.