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Re: Reproduction parts

Subject: Re: Reproduction parts
by SaCoupe73 on 2016/3/9 4:58:56

My 2 cents worth . . . . . .

Reproduction parts are a great idea.

But you need the market for them.

Most of the rubbers for 1200's including Coupes are available from Rare Spares in Australia.

I sold a pair of Repo 1/4 window rubbers and door seals for the coupe a couple of months ago.
I had to export them overseas to find buyers.

I still have a coupe front window rubber and repo front guards and bonnet that I could not find buyers for.

If your making you parts for the love of it, that is one thing.

But if your trying to make a living in the repo world
you need a market for your parts to make the effort worth while.

I have know people to make repo parts by advertising a build date and price,
then only going ahead with the build if they get enough people willing to put up a deposit for the parts.