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Wanted, Pictures of 1200 body tags

Subject: Wanted, Pictures of 1200 body tags
by A14force on 2016/5/20 10:32:58

So a guy here in NZ has been screwed over by the transport governing body. His car was at a shop getting some work done. An NZTA inspector was at the shop. They saw there was a label on the body tag over the chassis number. The car was suposedly a very low owner very original B110 sedan.
The engine number of the motor in the car, matches the tag. The number under the (old) stuck on label was looked up by the local constabulary, and shown to have never been registered in NZ.
Either way, the car has been ordered off the road, untill proof of ID can be found. As the NZ made cars had no stamped chassis number, he's kinda screwed.
He's asked the NZ datsun club for help. We're going to write a lEtter to the NZTA on his behalf. Given the way the car market was here way way back then, the car might have been imported from Aussie. (People bought car in to hear from all over the place back in the day.

So any of you Aussie blokes able to throw up a pic of two of B110 body tags? Either cars you've wrecked out, or remove your chassis number from the pic if it might create a security issue for you?