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Re: few 120Y questions that need answers

Subject: Re: few 120Y questions that need answers
by ddgonzal on 2016/6/4 8:43:44

Australia-built B310 may have been fitted with better calipers/pads, but use the same size brake rotors

Some B310 use same brakes as 120Y

* 120Y 1974-1975: 212 mm disc
* 120Y 1976-1978: 220 mm disc
* B310 A12 (originally fitted with 12" wheels) 220 mm
* B310 A14/A14 (originally fitted with 13" wheels) 245 mm

If you are referring to wheel spacers, be aware that the B310 hubs & struts have a different offset than the 200B (810) setup

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