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Brake light

Subject: Brake light
by andybegg on 2016/12/4 22:16:05

Ok guys so i decided to search out the reason for my brake light earth fault(it stays faintly on all the time, even when handbrake is off). In doing so I have opened a can of worms to say the least. The main wiring loom in the dash has been hijacked all over the place with wires not leading to anything?!?! anyway, being my b122 is a jap import and had auto choke standard, I got it with mikuni carbs though, is the wiring connected and causing an earth fault since i dont have auto choke aymore?? I was reading tons of the wiring wikis and im still lost. This is what is making me think this: ... ightings/forum/BE-46A.jpg

Thanks for the help in advance.