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Subject: 2002-2016
by A14force on 2016/12/12 9:34:11

I didn't know if this day would ever come.
In 2002, I bought a datsun 1200 cheaper than the sum of it's parts. It had had a fire. and was in pretty awful shape. Being 25 years old and far keener than I should have been for my skills I embarked on a road to fix her up.
Over that time it saw many many engines, gearboxes and diffs. The supercharger set up found the limits of stock parts pretty quickly. Surprised a lot of people with how well it went.
Over the years time began to show on the body. Since it mostly lived outdoors, the paint and old repairs needed attention.
Drag racing was pretty hard on the driveline. I spent a lot of time remedying issues this created. And as such never got the chance to develop it any further.
So I sold the supercharger kit, and my 63A five speed to a guy who is every bit as keen as I was all those years ago. His KB310 is going to be a ruthless machine.
Another mate bought my A15 longblock. It's now got an EFI turbo set up in a 1200 two door sedan.
So I put it all back to standard.

And tonight I drove it over to the new owners house.
No more datsun 1200 for me.
Lots of adventures were had. (And a sh!tload of traffic laws got broken along the way too)
Farewell little datsun........