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Re: CA18 Ignition Upgrade

Subject: Re: CA18 Ignition Upgrade
by mcgee on 2017/3/6 10:27:23

I run a Bosch/MSD (LS1/LS6) coil setup on my CA. Actually it's more like the IGN-1A coils.
For the power you are after they are all pretty much the same. I personally don't like coil on plug due to the head soak on the coils for moderately modified engines.
There is really no need to go to CDI even with high boost levels, so save some coin and just buy LS1 coils. Mine is a race only CA with greater then 10.5:1 compression running 22+ psi boost, no need for CDI.

You should know the specs for the coils when you buy them (dwell times and voltage compensations) and tune it into the Haltech.
To get to your 240kw goal you will have to make other changes anyway. So batch them with the ignition upgrade and re-tune once.

Good luck