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Re: CA16 pistons and maybe rods??

Subject: Re: CA16 pistons and maybe rods??
by D on 2017/5/22 6:24:36

Ive heard locally in japan the Honda EP crank was a cheaper way than going billet
for a stroker of 86mm as the EP model engines is 77mm bores the mains almost match.
This is pretty extreme and there are other is the D series in various strokes which
is 75mm bores all alloy engine but also mains almost match.
The areas which would help the A series live longer in between rebuilds vs twin cam
and other modern sohc engines is all expensive.
hollow billet roller cam
roller rockers
100gsm lighter rods
exotic lightweight valves and retainers
knife edged crank

All above is more expensive than setting up a sohc or dohc head
on an A series bottom end and with all stock bar the pistons
a mazda 16v or vauxhall 16v head would free up 30-40 more hp