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Re: CA18det harmonic balancer single pulley

Subject: Re: CA18det harmonic balancer single pulley
by ddgonzal on 2017/12/11 0:17:33

ROSS makes 2-belt harmonic balancers. I've seen photos of it machined down to 1-belt. And other photos where it appears the front belt-section can be unbolted. It may be useful to contact Ross directly to ask about single-belt use

For those new to the CA18DET:
* CA18DET did not use/does not require a harmonic balancer. It uses a crankshaft pulley without the rubber layer
* Pulsar CA18DET uses a 2-belt pulley
* Silvia CA18DET uses a 3-belt pulley
* Jarrad and Chris both removed one belt-section from the stock pulley with no issues. But others ruined the pulley trying, so it likely depends on exactly which stock Nissan pulley you start with