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Re: CA18det harmonic balancer single pulley

Subject: Re: CA18det harmonic balancer single pulley
by cadet1200 on 2017/12/12 1:47:20

I looked into this when doing my CA conversion as the 3-pulley was touching the bottom of the radiator.
The options I found were pretty much what has already been stated above:
1) cutting the stock 3-pulley down (this is virtually impossible and I would suggest that even if you got it machined down it would be a risk of falling apart)
2) use an EXA 2-pulley.
3) buy one of the 3-pulley billet ones off eBay, which could be machined down to a single....but these are not really harmonic balancers. These have no dampener in them.
4) buy the Ross full metal jacket single pulley. Pretty expensive at around $630.
5) buy a powerbond under drive 3-pulley and have it machined down.

I did option 5, but only had it machined down to a two pulley. This gave me the space I needed and still kept the integrity of the balancer. So far so good...but I haven't had my engine at high revs yet.