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Honda Civic radiator in Datsun 1000 How-To

Subject: Honda Civic radiator in Datsun 1000 How-To
by elemental_funk on 2018/8/1 1:59:08

The old radiator was giving me trouble, and was corroding badly. I had it in combination with an ebay thermo fan so it was never going to work that well. I picked up a radiator from an EG civic, and a slim AC thermo fan from a mid 2000s Holden Astra (Vauxhall?).

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I used the civic hoses cut to size in combination with the lower datsun hose. Then trimmed the fan shroud to fit on the radiator:
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Mounted in the car:
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Slightly shorter than the 120y rad, fits under the bonnet fine:
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Also needs an overflow bottle, and some mounts bent up to stop it falling into the crank pulley. Runs cooler in traffic, yet to test it properly (Sydney summer). Was cheaper than an ebay alloy rad at $90 for the parts and I got a fan too. Any suggestions to make it even better?