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Re: Pushrods and valve adjustment

Subject: Re: Pushrods and valve adjustment
by ddgonzal on 2018/8/5 0:50:17

Ah, tdc has caused much grief

you have an early L-B122 (pre-facelift) as I recall. Japan market used points distributor until the 1989 R-B122. The engine bay aluminium plate should specify the model

* To adjust the valves, the ignition timing setting is unimportant. Just rotate the engine until marker is at 0. Then one you remove the rocker cover, start with the pair of valves that are loose (either #1 cylinder or #4 cylinder). See Valve adjustment

* To check what your ignition timing is set to, rotate the engine by hand to the TDC mark, then remove the distributor cap and rotate the engine anti-clockwise until the points close, then forward again until they just start to open. The pulley pointer will show the degrees. For photos and details, see Initial Timing. 7 degrees BTDC is the factory setting