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Oh! GX poster

Subject: Oh! GX poster
by ddgonzal on 2019/9/11 20:45:43

about 420 x 298 mm (16 x 11 inches)

Unusual one-sided poster with photo from the Oh! GX photoshoot

Is this an old dealer display? Or a 2-page magazine advertisement reproduction on blank paper?

Nissan Sunny Kyoritsu Sales (Limited)

listed prices
GX Coupe 637,000
GX 4-dr 612,000
GL Coupe 547,000
GL 4-dr 572,000
? Coupe 562,000
? Coupe GL 597,000
Deluxe 2-dr 507,000
Deluxe 4-dr 532,000
Standard 2-dr 442,000
4-dr Semi-Deluxe 492,000
Van Deluxe 477,000
Truck 1000 Deluxe 373,000
This list would be from 1970 (still selling the B20, no mention of B120)

Average wages were 52914/Month in February of 1970, so basically about a year's wage for a GX, and 10 months for a Deluxe. By contrast USA wages were $6186 and the 1200 Deluxe 2-door sold for less than 4 month wages