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Re: KPB110 Brochure - back side MODEL TRIMS

Subject: Re: KPB110 Brochure - back side MODEL TRIMS
by ddgonzal on 2019/2/8 9:08:02

Exceptional "Excellent Mechanism"! [OHC engine, 2.0" struts, H165 rear differential. Otherwise all the same B110 including leaf springs & 12" tires]

L14 engine options O.H.C. 1400cc
* Twin carb 95PS (metric horsepower)
* Single carb 85PS
* [both are 9.0 compression]


Twin Carb goes 10kph faster ... both are same tires, same 3.0 diff ratio, same gearbox but the L14T makes peak power 400hp higher. HP and RPM both add up to a higher top speed. Another example: The 83hp A12GX goes faster than the 85hp L14S. A12GX has a higher peak RPM and higher ratio diff (4.1 vs 3.9) that compensates for reduced torque (10.0 kg/m vs 11.8)