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Long Nose Beauty

Subject: Long Nose Beauty
by ddgonzal on 2019/2/9 7:20:05

OK, so these are magazine adverts rather than a brochure

"Beauty has a long nose" -- referring to the extended wheelbase of the B110 1400, of which the extra 1.6" is all forward of the passenger cabin

Next, who is the kid in the advert? That's a bone fide rock star. He wrote the famous song "I love rock n roll". Put another dime in the jukebox. Anyways Alan Merrill was the celeb endorser for the Sunny Excellent

サニー エクセレント ロングノーズ 1400 新発売
Sunny Excellent longnose 1400 New Launch

Most of the PB ads & brochures have the word "hana" (flower) and/or actual flower graphics. I think maybe it's a play on words (hana can also mean "beauty")

ときめをのあるクルマ The car with excitement (tokimeki)
* O.H.C. 1400cc
* long nose
* leather top option