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Re: can these cheap 36m carbs be used on a car engine?

Subject: Re: can these cheap 36m carbs be used on a car engine?
by Rallytwit on 2019/2/26 3:53:50

D, two things to ponder.

First the FCR carbs on my car do fine on low throttle settings and idle. The key seems to be jetting the pilot circuit a bit fat.

Second I found it ironic that you posted up Mikuni Super BN carbs; my Formula 500 single seater uses them. Plugging off the oiling hole/port is not an issue as I have done something similar. The motor in the car doesn't have an oil pump and runs on premix. Additionally as it's a race car the choke plates have been removed, so I use the oil ports as a way to prime the car for cold starts. These are very good carbs, they work a little different than other carbs but are very tunable without taking them apart. I had a issue with the car loading up due to my not completely understanding them. The car was idling a bit high so I turned down the idle, this raised the vacuum which in turn caused the motor to pull in more fuel. In my case I put the idle back where it was. on these carbs you can lean out the high and low speed circuit by turning the adjuster screws. It's very handy for fine tuning.