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Re: can these cheap 36m carbs be used on a car engine?

Subject: Re: can these cheap 36m carbs be used on a car engine?
by Rallytwit on 2019/3/6 16:22:13

D read the manual carefully but the carb does indeed use engine pulses via the diaphragm in the carb as the fuel pump.

On my F500 race car you don't need to turn on the electric fuel pump until the level in the fuel cell gets low, the carbs will pump enough fuel through to keep up until sloshing sets in. The car is on slicks so the rapid 2G left, 2G right of autocross slaloms is more than the carbs were designed to handle. Additionally note that with an electric pump you still want a pressure regulator as high fuel pressure will have an adverse effect on there performance.

As for the accelerator pump I'd have to research it to see what the lack of one does for a 4 stroke. I think these carbs work similar to CV type so it might not be an issue but again I'd have to research it.