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Clutch/Flywheel specs for 1969 Datsun 1000

Subject: Clutch/Flywheel specs for 1969 Datsun 1000
by Morrisun on 2019/3/2 15:00:01

Having trouble getting the right information on B10 4 speed flywheel and clutch:
Does the flywheel have step in the face for the 160mm clutch disc?
If so how much in thousandths?
What is the factory clutch disc thickness?

Owner what to keep this 43,000 mile coupe as stock as possible. Not willing to do the A12 flywheel, clutch and transmission swap.
Problem started with worn/slipping original clutch disc, had it rebuilt to A12 specs,as that was that we could find. Still slipped, resurfaced flywheel, machine shop did it without a step. Reassembled- slipped. Had .015" step machined in flywheel, still slips!

Found A10 pressure clamping force in Wiki Tech - 320kg, machine shop says that part is good. We are in the Portland Oregon USA area and have run out of ideas on the solution to this problem.

Specifications/Information would be greatly appreciated car as coming up for sale.