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Re: 75-77 mm Flat Top Pistons for A12A ?

Subject: Re: 75-77 mm Flat Top Pistons for A12A ?
by ddgonzal on 2019/3/12 11:16:41

Will the K15 pistons work for you Tom? Nissan off-the-shelf flat-tops, correct pin height and inexpensive

A15 uses a different pin height than A12A

Vitara *dish* pistons are sometimes used to build a Honda D16 turbo motor

Honda D16 is 75mm bore. D16 piston compression heights vary from 27.4 to
30.7 (and rod length varies)
None have A14 spec pin-height
For an A15, the 30mm pin-height ones are D16Y7 (1994-1995 Civic Ex 1.6)
& D16Z6 (1992-1995 Civic Si 1.6). The piston total length is
longer than A15 piston

Unfortunately they are not flat-tops