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Re: 75-77 mm Flat Top Pistons for A12A ?

Subject: Re: 75-77 mm Flat Top Pistons for A12A ?
by D on 2019/3/13 4:15:22

DD didnt even know the K15 engine existed! its not anywhere online that I could find

do you know the bore and stroke or any pictures of it as I can only find the k21 and k25

Its a good looking engine and revs to 3000 rpm for max hp and 1600 max torque maybe slugs
are not compatible for high rpm?

pistons are cheap ... 017115.156.54c81adb9Q2nYF

looks like a nice head too with alloy rocker cover standard
you could fill the top of the extended port area with weld
and port even higher than A series heads
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awesome downdraft ports!!!!