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Re: Same Hitachi carb ... for H89 and H95 head?

Subject: Re: Same Hitachi carb ... for H89 and H95 head?
by ddgonzal on 2019/3/17 9:33:50

The carburetors will be different -- for 1981-1982 there are at least 15 different carburetors just for the USA .... most of which look the same

Check the model number inked on each carb, it is usually on a flat spot near the float glass, if it hasn't rubber off years ago

To ID the USA carburetor used with H95 cylinder head, see our tech article DCR306 which has photos of the various features

The JDM engines used similar but different model DCH306 which the later ones look very similar to the DCR but are slightly different

In any case it matters not to performance, as (i believe) all A14 should have the performance version with large 22mm & 27mm venturis (some A15 carbs are larger and some A15 carbs are smaller and all A12 carb use small 20/26). You can see the venturi size by looking down into the carb with the air cleaner lid off -- the size is cast in each carb throat

of the literally hundreds of DCH306 carbs, they all have different jetting -- sometimes it is the only difference. Most of the hundreds were used in USA models, whereas in Japan there were only a few different ones. Again it doesn't matter much, as you can bolt on any A14 carb to any A14 engine and it will run OK. You can also also change the jetting to optimize for power or for emissions (the factory jetting had optimal jetting only for full-throttle power, everything else -- like part throttle and cruise -- was tuned for emissions even in JDM models)