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Re: 60A bell housing bolts

Subject: Re: 60A bell housing bolts
by TexasMidget on 2019/4/1 5:32:52

Still sorting and got the starter bolts figured out. They are stamped with "TR7" and right at 35mm just as DD indicated. They are flush with the end of the transmission housing. Can't tell from the pic. Will post the bolt head size tomorrow.

For sure staying with OEM Nissan bolts. I replaced a set of heads on a GMC truck not too long ago and decided to try ARP bolts for the exhaust manifolds. Heard alot of good things about that brand. Several of the bolts started to cross thread into the cylinder heads and had to keep backing them out to get them started and the bolt heads were not as big as the GM bolts. Got rid of them and bought Genuine GM bolts. The Nissan flywheel bolts are quite impressive.

I posted the pressure plate bolts. Do they look like correct ones? A total of 6 and right at 18mm.