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Engine height of L16-18 vs A14

Subject: Engine height of L16-18 vs A14
by smellsofbikes on 2019/5/8 3:12:56

I have an A14 in a Triumph Spitfire. It's been a great engine. I'd like a bit more power, for around-town driving, and after reading a bunch about heavily modifying the a14 or putting a supercharger on it (which I still might do) I started reading about the L18. It appears the block is only 4mm or so taller than the tall-deck A. A Spitfire is really, really small. There is about, maybe, 10mm of space between the hood and the oil fill cap on the valve cover, and I cut out and welded up an absolutely minimalist oil pan to get more clearance on the bottom.
So: what's the height of an L16/18, from the bottom of the oil pan to the top of the valve cover? Anyone know? I'm thinking from the higher part of the oil pan, not the sump, because if I were going to do this, the oil pan has to sit over part of the frame but I can make sure it's the highest point on the oil pan.
Any advice or numbers appreciated. I have another A14 sitting in the basement so I have measurements for it.