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Re: Engine height of L16-18 vs A14

Subject: Re: Engine height of L16-18 vs A14
by D on 2019/5/13 4:41:38

if Nissan was more pigheaded it would have developed the A series to an A20-A22
OHV, crossflow AY like and luckily Chevy did it for them by overhauling the iron duke
to a new design that as Matt also mentioned looks like a copy of the A series.

This is an amazing opportunity for you US guys, Im envious as we cannot get them
in OZ or Japan. There is a 2.4L stroker kit and with a small turbo 7 years ago
a fan put out 313 without any sweat to its architecture.

Id be happy with bike carbs on an A20 2L version would just need a Schneider cam
for $80 USD NOS 264 grind and 160hp without any sweat and 140lbs of torque.

Not into the cavalier inlet, there are more compact choices and battery could be
the size of a small milk carton these days.