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Re: Engine height of L16-18 vs A14

Subject: Re: Engine height of L16-18 vs A14
by ddgonzal on 2019/5/19 0:07:34

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Many, many, many cars were fitted with a T-5 -- see wikipedia:Borg-Warner_T-5_transmission. Avoid the 1982-1984 versions (non-World Class) because (while they are strong enough for an A-series engine) the shift feel is not as good as a stock Nissan-Aichi gearbox.
* Volvo
* Mazda V6
* Mazda 2.3
* Ford Zetec
* Ford V8s
* Nissan VH45 V8
* 1982-1988 AMC
* 1982-1986 Jeep
* 1984-1995 Ford Mustang
* 1985-2004 Ford Falcon
* 1982-1995 Chevrolet S-10 pickup
* Chevrolet (some 1986-up ones are WC, reportedly some are not)

See our tech article T5