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Re: H89 vs gx head

Subject: Re: H89 vs gx head
by D on 2019/5/18 2:04:53

He had it stock then had the H89 worked on but said
he got no big improvement overall to stock.
There could be a limit for boost with wedge design
and probably an e15et hemi heads would be more rewarding
when it comes to 2 valves per chamber.
Wedge is very healthy for NA though probably even more so
if they are welded up and reshaped to late chev design
like TK used for an L series. Also many makes prefer
square inlet ports over rounded in many applications.
We would prob never see an cnc a series head with these
features though but would be interesting if some kid or
oldboy in the future makes a billet version :)
However plenty of 16v heads fit the A series as well. ... 1/tfs-51410002-m58_xl.jpg ... 2016/01/Presentation1.jpg ... -choosing-cylinder-heads/