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How does the 4A-GE go in a 1200?

Subject: How does the 4A-GE go in a 1200?
by ddgonzal on 2019/5/19 23:19:00

That's a nice looking swap. Seems to fit good. But how does it go? Not much torque from that engine but it does love to spin...
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Good question

one answer:

There is a mechanism to increase torque -- final drive ratio aka diff ratio. Higher ratios, such as 4.11 instead of the regular 3.90, will deliver more torque to the rear wheels, resulting in quicker acceleration and better pulling. So it will compensate for a less torquey engine

However the downside to larger ratios is lower speed for a given RPM. For example 3.90 @ 6000 rpm is 150 kph in fourth gear. But 4.11 is only 140 kph

This is actually a plus for an engine like the 4A-GE shown here, as it loves to rev up. The higher ratio lets it spin up faster, and its 6600 rpm peak power lets the car go just as fast (top speed) as a regular engine with higher gearing