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Re: How does the 4A-GE go in a 1200?

Subject: Re: How does the 4A-GE go in a 1200?
by D on 2019/5/23 11:55:42

TBH never seen a Ca18de last longer than a ca16de or 4age though.
I often saw with 300-400,000 clicks vs ca18de which have issues
below 150,000 kms. Its probable the CA engine vacuum setup suits fwd better
than rwd? Also seen many ca20e engines with over 400k kms.
Either way timing belts, oil spills and cracking seals are a problem.
While 4age dont seem to have these issues common on the ca engines
these 16v engines are all very economical vs toyota 3sge engines.

I personally love pushrods more than later more efficient ohc/dohc.
Personally looking at an ohv diesel from Nissan to power my own
version of Nissan based copy of the Saab H series motorhomes.

Nissan grilles and lights, suspension and running gear with the rest
all sheet alloy, wood and steel bus like frame.