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Re: Need help with s12+8 Calipers

Subject: Re: Need help with s12+8 Calipers
by ddgonzal on 2019/6/1 4:20:41

Sumitomo S12 calipers can be found on a few cars. Hilux had many options, different engines, diff, brakes, etc. So exactly which Hilux 1979-1990 used them?

Sumitomo S13 for 22mm brake rotors
Sumitomo S12 for 20mm brake rotors

rebuilt S12 are currently $28 + $44 core ($72 each) at See Hilux Caliper

The downside is they are very heavy. Aside from budget there are much better 4-piston calipers

I did some brief research:
* 4WD Hilux 1979-1990
* 4WD Pickup 1986-1988 (USA)
* Landcruiser 60-series 1976-1990
So in USA, only a couple of years ... I got the idea they were more common in AUS