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Re: G5110 distributor questions

Subject: Re: G5110 distributor questions
by ddgonzal on 2019/6/14 4:35:38

G51 is the Applied Model Code for Nissan Vanette series C22 1985-1991 with A-series engine.

The G51 distributor is a Mitsubishi T4T distributor body with EI innards. It looks identical to the 1990-1994 Sunny Truck high-energy distributor, which also uses the J117/H51 ignitor, and -- because it is high-energy -- does not require a ballast resistor. Any 0.7 nominal ohm coil is right, for example, N12 Pulsar EI coil, 910 Bluebird EI coil, R31 coil, and of course the C22 and B122 EI coils, or MSD Blaster 2. Also some Mazda/Ford uses J117 so those coils would work too. I would not use the Bosch HEC715 as it draws more current being a 0.4 ohm coil

Can you confirm it has this 2-piece Mitsubishi ignitor set (marked 'J117')?
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