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Re: Used Twin Dellorto Price Guide

Subject: Re: Used Twin Dellorto Price Guide
by pjz on 2019/7/13 23:01:07

Four years ago I did extensive dyno testing and built up several sets of twin Dellortos. My baseline was my longtime set of 45 Weber DCOEs. [I run high RPMs, so I use bigger chokes in all of these.]

When I was all done, the 45 Webers with 40 chokes; 45 Dellortos with 40 or 41 chokes and the 48 Dellortos with 40 or 41 chokes all gave me about the same results. [I learn the hard way. I should have spent my time on something else.]

For Sale:
1) I have a pair of new (rebuilt) 48 Dellorto DHLA. Carbs were bought from Italy as 45 DHLA that the Italian company bores out to fit 48 parts. I have several thousands of US dollars in the pair. (about $2500 USD for 2 DHLAs). I will sell them complete with the jetting just as they came off the engine in dyno tuning. They were only run on the track in test days after dyno testing. $1000 USD plus shipping.

2) I have a different pair of very good 45 DHLA Dellortos. These I dyno tested and raced for several seasons. Complete as they came off of the engine. $1000 plus shipping.

Now, for the bargain hunter, ...... I have (2) original 48 DHLA carb bodies that were used and running, great carburetors until ..... Someone tightened them too tight on the manifold and CRACKED the mounting flanges. At that time they were the only carburetors for that car/engine, so some 3mm thick aluminum plates were fashioned as braces and then drilled, tapped and attached to these "cracked" 48 DHLA carbs, fixing them. We raced with them and they worked good. But later they were disassembled and now sit on the shelf. PLUS I will include (2) more UN CRACKED 45 DHLA bodies as donors if you want a prettier finished carb setup. So: (2) repaired 48 DHLA bodies; plus (2) 45 DHLA bodies; and all of the DHLA parts, jets, throttle shafts, plates, etc to put (2) carburetors back together. $500 plus shipping.