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Re: Used Twin Dellorto Price Guide

Subject: Re: Used Twin Dellorto Price Guide
by D on 2019/7/14 11:44:29

I ran 34 & 36 mm bike carbs cammed and stock with higher comp
(best A12 cam I recommend is stock otherwise its like lag)
Tries various cams from gx grinds and up but love stock, comp
and big bores with good ignition, headers and heavy flywheel
for the road, its a pleasure to have the torque at all rpms.
Late Vanette flywheel on late A12 engine was like driving
a vw beetle but with more everywhere especially take off hills etc.
I would do it again with bike carbs for these capacities
for the road but for something L series or larger the 45/48 PJZ
has for sale on offer would be my choices.
Also these are very neat itbs just in case