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Re: Used Twin Dellorto Price Guide

Subject: Re: Used Twin Dellorto Price Guide
by pjz on 2019/7/14 23:24:11

My 1300cc engines (using the 45 or 48 Dellortos and/or the 45 Webers) are 9800 rpm engines, 15:1 compression, 0.650" lift at the valve using either 1.60 or 1.65 roller rockers, camshafts built on blanks (when I can find them) with banana shaped opening ramps, Carillo or other H-beam rods, billet crankshafts. We use 10mm or 3/8" rocker tower studs and make our own steel rocker towers. Each tower is built for that engine, so to maximize the rocker ratio. Titanium valves are 7mm stems. Valve train is "little" beehive valve springs and Titanium retainers about 25mm diameter.