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Re: Brown PB210 GX

Subject: Re: Brown PB210 GX
by D on 2019/7/29 16:06:27

Harry I was shocked to find the L series although looks like a massive cast
block compared to the CA18de and the 4age, its actually lighter than we think.

Total car weight wikipedia shows 870kg (wrong maybe?) as the base model (L14 4sp)
Yet the L16 block is only 37kg when I weighed it, the l18 siamese was 48kg
whilst a fully dressed l18b sss engine were quoted somewhere round 128kg which
is the same weight as the 4age. The L16 bored out and with an L18 crank would
be quite light considering the removal of 4 x 3mm x 138mm pipes and using lighter
shorter compression height pistons should be equal to any 4age in weight.

The ca18de block was 37kg also bare so its quite deceptive.
I always thought the L series was an antiquated boat anchor until I started to
learn and be taught how awesome they can be with the right amount of work albeit
not cheap but specially like the grunter tunes and still dream of owning one again.

The starting weight for the ae85 is about 980 from factory whilst the 86 990kg
so its seems heavier than the Stanza unless its a definite error?
The lightest ae86 Ive read about was a jap racer covered in carbon guards, hatch,
doors and bonnet with speed holes and cromo roll cage 780kg was the number.
I recall the doors are 34kg each for the ae86 whilst carbon was 8kg.