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Re: SR20VE vs F22C vs VQ35/7 best power TQ to engine weight

Subject: Re: SR20VE vs F22C vs VQ35/7 best power TQ to engine weight
by D on 2019/9/10 13:51:12

LMAO well after all this talk about how good these new twin cam
efi smart v6 engines are yet limited to only rev under 8200rpm
well there is an engine with 4.2L and pushrods that beats the
recently world record 600 hp 4.2 VQ stroker race engine!
It not only beat it using a carb but it beat it dragging more
weight on the crankshaft and revs even higher at 9200!

(actually hits 9998 rpm on the dyno if you look closerly!!!!!)

The race team needed an engine to compete in a land speed class at Bonneville requiring a displacement less than 261 ci. Keith decided the best way to achieve this and make a lot of power was to build a 259 ci V6 using a Nascar SB2 V8. The naturally aspirated V6 made 663 horsepower at 9,200 rpm and 393 lb-ft of torque at 7,300 rpm. Listen to Jeff Huneycutt from The Horsepower Monster explain how the unique engine was built below.

pushrods and carby for the win!!!