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Re: A15 crank wil NOT fit in A12 block

Subject: Re: A15 crank wil NOT fit in A12 block
by ddgonzal on 2019/9/9 11:07:37

1.482 rod/stroke ratio will still rev to 7000 rpm. Remember a stock A12 is long rod motor, so going shorter is not a deal-breaker. The small-block Chevrolet 400 has a factory-designed ratio of 1.48 and had a bad reputation due to that -- but it can rev to 6500 rpm -- and thats with 95mm stroke compared to A15's 82 mm stroke

rod/stroke ratio is important when you are racing and limited to a certain cubic inch limit. Since you and your competitors are running the same size engine, a little bit of advantage of R/S ratio might give you the edge. Even a few hp might win the race