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Re: A15 crank wil NOT fit in A12 block

Subject: Re: A15 crank wil NOT fit in A12 block
by D on 2019/9/9 14:07:47

yes but the majority of chev 400 guys change the rods to 5.7 or 6 inches
yet if the A15 can do 7000rpm with that rod ratio no doubt the cam timing
is less of an issue with all that speed moving away from tdc.
Problem is you need lots of valve and port size to make the most of it
hence Nissan used long rods to make full use of the chosen valves/ports etc

A12 with 1600cc would be nuts but Id definitely get some piston teflon coatings
thinner rings to reduce friction and as 400 rebores a Torque plate is a must.

Modern engines use short rod stroke ratios but with offset bores from crank centerline to soften the sideload on the power stroke.