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Re: A15 crank wil NOT fit in A12 block

Subject: Re: A15 crank wil NOT fit in A12 block
by D on 2019/9/10 6:07:51

oh to hear someone going the road less travelled!!!!
pure delight! bushed piston pin bores?

for those interested in a little history of the new Mini engine

Tritec Motors Ltda In 1997, Chrysler Corporation and Rover Group (then a subsidiary of BMW) formed a joint venture called Tritec Motors to design a new small straight-4 engine. The new company built a factory in Campo Largo of Curitiba, Brazil specifically to manufacture the new engine. The Tritec name stands for the union of the three countries involved: Germany, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. When BMW broke up the remains of Rover Group in 2000, BMW kept the stake in Tritec Motors as the engine was in use in the Mini range which BMW had retained.

For the chev 400 it has 105mm size pistons while the datsun 77mm in this case
95mm stroke vs 82mm stroke. I wonder if there is a formula to calculate how
much force there is on the side walls with the changing diameters and strokes.

The short stroke ratios usually make use of massive port heads as usually
found in multivalve engines today. However I also wonder how much better this
ratio would be for spooling a small turbo so there is zero lag.

Ive been wondering how these late 1.4-1.5 vw and bmw turbo engines are making
v8 type torque and v6 type power with no lag at all. Driving a 1.4 vw we had
50mpg crazy power everywhere yet no visible lag. Can this be done with an A12
with that capacity, it would be very sweet. The short ratio creates supersonic
speeds that favor boost or race engines as mentioned.