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Re: Broken piston rings

Subject: Re: Broken piston rings
by a12dato120y on 2019/12/16 8:14:28

Im kind of running out of ideas.

Pistons and all are fine rings go in all the way when fully compressed.

I find it odd that only cylinder 4 did it this time.

Forst time it broke all 4 only top rings which make me think its detonation when this happened i had a weber down draught carburetor on it (34ADM)

Now i have cbr1100 38mm mikuni bike carbs and i have only broken number 4.

But I am starting to wajder if itsnrunning to lean. I will obviosly have to hook up a wide band to verify.

Also there is no damage to pistons at all and all look very good woth no signs of detonation.