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Re: Broken piston rings

Subject: Re: Broken piston rings
by rgrinder on 2019/12/16 16:50:40

OK, I'm not trying to start a pi$$ing contest here, I've spent 40+ years working on cars for a living and I have seen a lot, not everything, no-one could, that said this is based on my experience. Knock, ping, rattle under acceleration, funny noise, pre-ignition, detonation all cause engine damage. Over time you should see erosion of pistons or combustion chamber, broken spark plug porcelain, or a combination of the above. Detonation does not just cause a broken ring without other damage being obvious. Like I stated before maybe you need to take a good look at everything and not be quick to blame it on one thing, and it might be a good idea to get someone else to look at it also, most times two or more pairs of eyes are better than one. IF you still come to the same conclusion here are a few things to consider, richen up the carbs to see if it goes away, a "wet" mixture is less prone to pre-ignition because it's cooler. Try a step or two cooler spark plug, incorrect spark plug heat range can and usually will cause problems if your not sure what to use ask around to see what others are using, and finally look for vacuum leaks, they will cause a lean condition in 1 or 2 cylinders. Again, GOOD LUCK.