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Re: DOHC Front adapter plates

Subject: Re: DOHC Front adapter plates
by D on 2020/1/10 7:13:00

Reubs hope you didnt mind, I was having no luck with the files myself so sent
some files to Matt to see if he could make them work and use as a base as he
did mention in the past he would like to develop his version for the community.

There are still things to work on though, the front Mazda pulley adapter and the
extra part which seemed to be a fatter cam bearing??? now re-considering we never
asked for what it way for! Ive tried to get in touch with Rob but no luck from here
so the information is getting lost for this setup over time. I really thought all
was covered in the past threads but somehow it wasnt.

Here is the original suggestion I made to Rob before he made the v1 kit for us.
He wasnt aware the Mazda rwd heads had a provision for water at the front

Open in new window

rwd b6 head miata etc (also has thermostat housing so very convenient) ... IMG_7006.JPG?v=1422068398

The original datsun A waterpump is almost impossible to use its too big overall as
is the pulley diamter it uses, we discussed this at length and the only solution
was some kind of smaller external mech or the usual electric waterpump however
I also thought a smaller pump could work if you angle grind a passage from the
front primary water passsage "square" shape one in the middle mid section as in pic
at the bottom of this post and across to the cavity where the usual waterpump would
sit as it only needs to copy what is already on the A series pump but onto the block.
Plenty of meat there too on the block for this modification.

A cheap smaller pump like this one could sit in the same cavity area for original A series pump
and will use the passage created in the block area as described above