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Re: DOHC Front adapter plates

Subject: Re: DOHC Front adapter plates
by Mattndew76 on 2020/1/10 16:46:57

I'm going to play around with the model and see if I can incorporate the factory pump back into this with a bolt on portion. Same stand off as the factory so the V belt can be used.

I don't have the finances to invest in complete kits for this. I am only working with what I have on hand within my garage. So I would need help from the community to complete a full system.

Could someone do the foot work, and make a white paper list of all items needed along with the part numbers if it hasn't been done already? Then we can get an actual cost estimate for a complete kit.

HTD Crank Pully part number.
Idler part number.
Tension Idler part number.