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Re: DOHC Front adapter plates

Subject: Re: DOHC Front adapter plates
by reuby_tuesday on 2020/1/10 22:01:50

I've got no real issue sharing the love about. It hasn't cost me much so far to get the drawings done from the plate I already have.

If you can get a easily obtainable mechanical water pump into the setup then that's a great idea, however, don't forget that the B6 suffers from heating issues with the front thermostat setup.
In absolute stock form that front water setup is fine, but if you plan to lean on the head in any way, a coolant reroute seems necessary.
The mazda nuts all reroute to the back of the head to force the water to pass over everything, ensuring that No4 gets sufficient water else it gets hot on its own back there.

I still plan to push water into the block at the stock datsun port and pull out at the back of the head - with an electric water pump mounted somewhere - not yet decided.

let me know if you need anything more - if you can get it right then thats a win all round!

On the parts listing, i am working on a "manual" for this, documenting where everything comes from and goes to.

I can send you what I have, but its far from complete or in any real order.