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Re: DOHC Front adapter plates

Subject: Re: DOHC Front adapter plates
by reuby_tuesday on 2020/1/11 0:28:24

The real issue with electric vs mechanical is flow rates at higher RPM. It seems from the reading i have done so far on the issue is that once you get to above 6000rpm +/- (dependant on the motor) he mechanical pumps outperform the electric units.
So in hi-po race cars at WOT for extended periods, or high boosted cars (say above 25psi), the electric pumps struggle to keep flows up to keep everything under control.

It seems that whilst electric pumps have a comparatively shorter lifespan than a mechanical pump, its not short enough to be a real issue. Some electric pumps are rated to 2500 hours minimum lifespan, which at that time its just new seals.
Given, certainly for my application, I'm not chasing 35psi, or building a track car, or anything crazy, so an electric should be fine, but....

Could you machine a plate to the back of a regular mechanical pump (to blank it off), fit a suction pipe to suck the water, and then remote mount like an alternator on the side. You would need universal hoses or cut up something else, but that would seem to meet both sides of the issue.
Mechanical pump for flow and lifespan, but removing it from the front of the engine, where space is a premium (at least in my application).

I could see that since the intake of the pump would be restricted, it might cut out any benefit from going to this effort to start with...

You could also then pick a pump that has good flows, or compact size, etc.
But again, getting the serpy belt to reroute becomes another challenge (if thats the path you want).
I'm planning to only use the serpy belt to drive the head.
Ill use v-belt for everything else.