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Re: DOHC Front adapter plates

Subject: Re: DOHC Front adapter plates
by D on 2020/2/26 1:40:10

If you can just compare the measurements of the water cavity hole on your A12 block with the ones I posted you can get a better idea if it might work or not.

The problem is the pulley needs to be like a big cup to cover over the waterpump close to original waterpump pulley size in diameter.

The head shouldnt matter? as the angle of the waterpump pulley will just change the angle of the belt a tad and in fact will give more contact surface area to the B head even if you use the Z series for reference.

Can you post a pic of your z head and which model it is Matt? particularly the water oil passages so I can compare to the B series.

might need a little grinding at the base to fit a decent pulley size