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Re: DOHC Front adapter plates

Subject: Re: DOHC Front adapter plates
by D on 2020/3/18 5:14:09

https://scontent-nrt1-1.cdninstagram.c ... 67d1ac4b39dd4&oe=5EA04752

Matt Ive only seen bare heads without that smaller cambelt idler unit.

Any chance you can post pics of the chambers, inlet and exhaust
sides as Im getting smitten again by the z series heads.
all i can find ... -head-mazda-Z501-9976.jpg
Im wondering if that idler pulley section could be used on
the waterpump below somehow then cnc impeller to suit the
current plate you have if correct cavity is machined to suit. ... -Qubo-Peugeot-207-1-0.jpg

these are very cheap now at alibaba can get one posted to you

would only ask this if you can be bothered as I dont care what time
it takes on when you make time just that I would rather buy the head
as well off you if you where willing and get the lot done then posted.

I am fixed now that a mech pump even if it cost the price of an electrical
setup or a custom waterpump made from scratch is a better investment.
I will also be up for a cnc inlet bike carb manifold for that head etc.

Let me know in time, no hurry just pedantic and obsessive as always.