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Re: Declinig content ???

Subject: Re: Declinig content ???
by Mystique on 2020/10/1 11:24:56

I had been a lurker for a number of years then a registered user but then went back to lurking on an off for a few years and as such I was never anyone worth mentioning or remembering on this forum but I have noticed the steady decline in content over the years.

I hope nobody minds me saying so but I feel its partially due to the website being so outdated which makes it difficult to navigate and evidentially upload images. I wonder if there is an option to update the entire website, maybe have a 'how to' forum category that we can all submit our own little repairs complete with step by step pics and updates. I know I would have personally loved a few detailed pointers from some of the more experienced datto owners here.

There is honestly a wealth of knowledge here and I love this site but its being squandered. Another thing that would help would be Tag lines on stuff. Although Nissan did a great job of making these cars and being similar across regions they are just that... similar and not exactly the same so perhaps something like having [AUS], [US], [JPN], [EU] etc in the front of your post. A good example of that for me right now is trying to figure out the hazard light switch situation in Australia and I guess it also depends on the year and make of the car such as coupe, sedan, ute or wagon so there are lots of variables that need to be considered.

Another issue is the search on this forum is horrendous especially as a no member, its not exactly inviting to potential new members to hit up a search and find bubkes.

Does anyone have an idea what the issue is that is holding the website back from a facelift of sorts.
Xoops is wildly outdate (2009) and the weakest of all forum software packages. Whilst some software costs money there are plenty of decent free bulletin board software such as phpbb2/phpbb3 which would help this site immensely. A frontend portal could be developed for the site too which would link into the forum also to maintain the amazing collection of data wiki data we already have.
All in all though, I don't wanna rock the boat because this website has been around for such a long time and has so much value, it would be the worst if I said all this and push for too much only to have the website fall under the weight of these expectations.

I'm not particularly fond of facebook either to be honest. I'd love to see this website reclaim its place as the premiere place for all datsun needs.