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Re: Declinig content ???

Subject: Re: Declinig content ???
by Mystique on 2020/10/29 11:45:39

The problem with the wiki and the website is that a lot of the images were hosted on photobucket which as we all know is now the scourge of the internet so we have issues of images missing, only thumbnails or images with large watermarks splashed all over them.
I have noticed that the cost of Datsun parts have gone up and in some cases quite significantly but I have also noted that there are now some local manufacturers which are reproducing parts which is great particularly if they are of a high quality but sadly some aren't.
I recall long ago someone mentioned that there was going to be some coupe and sedan tail lights and rear bumpers being manufactured in brisbane but I'm not sure if that had happened at all so some parts are few and far between or not at all.
Another factor is that its likely that a lot of datsuns are in the hands of people that have either been there or done that all before so the excitement and documentation isn't something that happens. Given the prices of things and today's issues the world is facing they may just not be working on them at this time.

Another thing that I have definitely felt here in Australia was the online tax! The government here thought they would come up with an excuse to charge and online tax for all international purchases regardless of price so we now have that added cost to the already inflating prices, topped by our weak dollar then its really not economical at all at times.
Btw the online tax did nothing for struggling Aussie businesses and some of the big retailers that actually formed this group and lobbied for this change are still doing badly but that is because they were always terrible and the bleeding obvious is that you can't always get what you are after at retailers because they just refuse to stock it. I'm getting a little sidetracked here though.

I wouldn't know where to start when it comes to instagram and I imagine its all too fragmented, perhaps if this website sets up an official facebook or instagram it might be something to bridge that gap a little but as I said, I'm honestly not a fan of such mediums. There are plenty of image hosts online that we can use also.

One thing that should happen is this website be updated to be more secure such as https rather than http because sooner or later browsers may start filtering out or placing some sort of warning prior to visiting the website that its unsafe which will definitely put people off from visiting if that happens.

I honestly don't know whats happened to this place but it used to be so popular and people were always super helpful and talkative. It would be cool if people came back but I guess people are also aging too and have other responsibilities. I'm trying to get my car project going but have a lot of issues also and given that the car has become my daily driver (long story) I can't really go all out on it and play around with it so much right now. I do have plans and hope to stay around more long term to help out with general questions also if need be though.