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Re: Declinig content ???

Subject: Re: Declinig content ???
by Mystique on 2020/10/31 10:50:44

Was there some sort of event I was not aware about where people left in droves. I imagine it was less personal and more to do with the platform allowing for more efficient access and contribution methods in line with current technology such as phones.

Yeah I guess its true that at some point the prices would go up but its a shame it happened. I always thought that the Datsun community were incredibly helpful and resourceful. I totally didn't expect the community to be this barren though.

All this can be summarized basically in the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer. Or that people in the top places are usually greedy, selfish scumbags. Without getting political or anything I just say its wrong and has contributed to the downfall to not only this particular community but the entire hobby in itself. I don't see as much enthusiasm behind modding or restoring cars at all these days, its as if it reached its heights and fizzled out.

I wish I had taken more time to backup all the images here (and many other places) when I had the chance and spoke to the webmaster and had all images hosted elsewhere or locally. Truth be told they should have been hosted locally on the website itself rather than a third party host particularly the wiki images. a lot of images have been lost to the ravages of time now.