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Re: Declinig content ???

Subject: Re: Declinig content ???
by Mystique on 2020/11/4 9:22:07

eBay is on the decline itself. I believe they are implementing changes next year regarding its payment scheme and are relegating paypal to a lower tier and slotting in another payment processor amongst other changes so I am not sure if its the place anymore. I hear facebook is supposed to be the way to go but I don't know where to look. I've posted a few requests here for basic items that I assumed would be easy to find since most people remove or replace them with aftermarket products but alas have not had any such luck here at all.
It's a bit disappointing but it is what it is and I will just have to wait it out and see if anything pops up over the next few months or years if I am lucky.

I've always been surprised to see any sort of following for old Japanese cars in the US considering the strong affection for old US muscle cars and the plethora of great olden day cars available there. I always felt like Datsuns got little to no love there because of that.

The 240z and 280 get a decent share of attention in comparison to say the 1200 but even so its a small niche in the grand scheme of things.